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As a result of our many years of experience in this field, we offer the ability to perform each task in an efficient and time saving manner. This in turn allows us to offer our services at a reasonable cost and on a schedule suitable to the needs of our clients.



We have learned over the years that although a client may not know exactly how to integrate a control system, they absolutely do know the operational functionality they need in their control systems.

After hearing the customer's requirements for a sequence of operations for their production equipment, we review this description and pose in-depth "what if" scenarios in order to illicit their preferences for the machine response to situations that they may not have anticipated. For example, how the machine should recover from various fault conditions or cycle interruptions.

We also inquire as to the technical expertise of the individuals responsible for the maintenance and support of the equipment. Our control system designs take this into account by selecting control system components that not only are able to perform the required functionality, but match the capabilities of the customer's support staff.



The focus of our efforts are those companies which require the use of industrial control systems in their product, the development of their product or in the daily operation of their facilities. We offer our services for new equipment designs as well as modifications and/or service support on existing equipment.

Since the inception of R-Squared Systems LLC in March of 1990, our objective has been to provide our clients with a complete line of services used in the development of industrial control systems for equipment automation. We strive to be able to offer our clients a variety of services from a single source, from the conceptualization of their application through to the turn-key start-up of the system. We have been fortunate enough to attract the necessary professionals in this field so that we may announce that we have achieved this goal.


september 13

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Our new website is officially now online! Please utilize all of the information and contact features provided. We look forward to doing business with you.

richard reyes
managing member​
years experience: 35

Founder of R-Squared Systems, LLC, Rich has been a part of industrial controls for over 30 years. He is expert on all things controls and integration related.


Son of Richard Reyes, Marc has been around industrial automation since his teenage years. After college he joined up and quickly became expert at vision inspection.